The Hunters

Out of the Cell...

There are several of you, each in your own cell. It’s been several days since your capture and the blistering heat and strong wind overwhelm your senses with dry hot air one minute and strong brine of the ocean making it hard to breath. The taste of slop the guards feed you once a day tastes like sand, gritty and bland. The guards threaten whoever dares to speak up or ask questions with beatings and other unspeakable tortures. It appears that you will be stuck here for a while with a sense of no escape.

At one point, a half dozen guards make their way in escorting two people. The first is a well dressed human male in black robes and the second is a tall lithe figure wrapped in a light gray robe. As they walk through the cells the human male is speaking to the female gesturing toward different prisoners, but you can not hear a word they are saying. As they come to your cell the female lifts her hand revealing light blue skin and points directly at you. As your eyes lift from her hand to the cowl of her hood, you see an angler face framed by ice blue hair and her iris’ are pale gray, almost white. Her gaze is cold and demanding authority leaving you feeling like you have been weighed, measured and found unworthy. They move on throughout the cells and she points as several more inmates and then they abruptly leave.

A short time later many guards come in and pull you from your cells. When you ask what’s going on you are told you are being moved to the lower cells. They proceed to herd you deeper into the jail and down several flights of stairs. The deeper you go, the darker it gets. The guards are carrying torches by the time you reach your destination. You are in a room that has been carved out of the sandstone roughly 30 feet square. The door into the room is iron bound and sequels loudly as if it has not been used in a long time. One of the guards says “Welcome to solitary.” Another guard asks “Do we put them each in their own hole?” The first guard replies “No, put them in the holding cell and someone will come deal with them later.” You are all placed in a iron barred cage at the back of the room. The guards close the door to the cage and lock it. All of the guards leave, taking their torches with them leaving you in pitch black.

Many hours later a point on the back wall begins to glow swirling into a portal and you hear a voice says:

“You have been selected and now it is time to prove yourselves. Go through this portal and make your way to Trinidad Oasis and ask for Tosonah. I will meet you there in 3 days. If you choose to stay in this cell, you will rot here. If you don’t make the Oasis in the allotted time, you will die.”

As you pass through the portal you find your self in a sandstone cavern illuminated by the portals glow. As the portal closes you are plunged into darkness and you see a symbol glowing light blue on your left forearm. The symbol is a diamond with two wavy lines across the upper half and a spot in the lower half. Torches placed in sconces on the floor burst into flames and you can better see the cavern.

To be continued…



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