The Hunters

A Beginning

Memnon, a port city on the northwestern edge of the Calim desert. Rumors say the High Sultan of Memnon is 12 feet tall, blackest of skin, and flames for hair. Some believe this a deception the Sultan’s magi have perpetrated to scare commoners into submission, keeping the rabble in line. No doubt a necessary evil due to the harsh reality of the streets. Everyone has seen and dealt with thugs and tuffs in the streets and slavery a commonplace occurrence. Memnon is divided into districts called wards, each ward has a monarch, in charge of protecting the citizens.

For reasons of your own, you have managed to find yourself in Memnon and learn quickly of the happenings on the streets and who enforces the rules. As it happens, you find yourself being apprehended by the city guard yourself and thrown in a holding cell awaiting a meeting with the magistrate.


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