The Hunters

... Into the Desert!

You start gathering what you will need for your adventure into the desert when you are informed of a meeting in the gathering hall. You see other people making their way to the meeting so you follow them to an underground room you are guessing is below the sewers. It is a large hexagonal room with rows of seats all around it except for 2 archways. One is where you entered from. You are guessing there are around 100 people here. Through the second arch you see a Rakshasa finely dressed in yellow and red silks with a purple and gold cape. Tosonah follows him in to the center of the floor You are guessing this must be Pasha Gilmore. He motions for quiet and says:

“Greetings and thank you for the work you have been doing. I wanted you to know that your situations can change.”
He points at one of the slaves sitting on the bottom row and motions him to come says, “Benigo here has been working for me for some time and has earned my complete trust. For that, he is being rewarded with his freedom.” He motions to Tosonah and she waves her hands an his slave mark on his arm disappears. Gilmore continues: “Benigo, now that you are a free man, you can go where you want, but I want you to know that I can use you here in the guild and will pay you for your services. What say you?” Benigo looking dumbfounded nods his head and says “Yes, of course I will work for you.” The crowd claps and cheers for Benigo’s success.

Gilmore raises his hands and the room grows quiet. “Unfortunately, not all of todays news is good.” He waves his hand and several guards bring in 4 men bound by shackles. You see the slave mark on their arms have turned black and where the dot was is now a red X. “These four tried to leave my service without permission. They were all caught on board a ship getting ready to set sail for Waterdeep. They were not supposed to be there, they were supposed to be out of the city at Trinidad oasis meeting our newest members. We all know what the punishment is for running away.” The four prisoners fall to their knees begging for forgiveness but it falls on deaf ears. Gilmore nods to Tosonah and she waves her hands and a shimmering dome falls over the four men on their knees. They stand up starting to panic pounding on the shield. The marks on their arms start to glow brighter and brighter until the entire dome is so bright you have to turn away. When the light dims, you look back to see the inside of the dome only has 4 sets of shackles in it. The dome dissolves and Gilmore speaks, “Know that your service is watched and those that excel will be rewarded, and those that try and shirk you duties will be punished.” He motions to Benigo and Tosonah to follow and he leaves the room.

Your gear gathered and everything in order, Tosonah transports you to Trinidad Oasis and says, “Return here when you are done exploring the ruins and report what you have found. I will know when you have returned. Good luck.” She steps back through the magical doorway and it twists to a close.

You head out in the direction you had originally came from and you arrive back in the area where you had found the ruins. When you arrive there you find that the sands have shifted and the walls that were previously visible are now covered but other walls that were buried are now sticking out of the sand. Most of these walls are in a valley between dunes except for one. About 50 feet up the side of one of the dunes you see the corner of a building sticking out of the sand. As you get up there you realize that this must be the coping of a tower. Using your shovels you shift some sand and find a trap door that has been hidden for ages. As it has been kept dry and out of the air, it is well preserved. After a little coaxing with your crowbar you get it open.



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